Partners & Members of Accessibility Task Group

A key partner to the activities of The Web Accessibility Task Group for People with Disabilities is Access Israel -The Association for the Advancement of Accessibility for the Disabled in Israel. The group's members represent a range of organizations, such as:

The group's activities consist of collective ventures, information transfer, bi-annual meetings and joint actions geared to promote web accessibility in legislation, public awareness, etc. You are welcome to join the Group and take part in its endeavor. In order to join us, please contact the Task Group's coordinator at the Israel Internet Association, Nava Gilad (

List of partners:

Member's name
Organization's website
Access Israel Yuval Wagner, Chairman

List of members:

Member's name
Organization's website
Haifa University
Dr. Naomi Schreuer, Occupational Therapy Department
Tel Aviv University, School of Health Professions
Dr. Dina Loebl
"Ofek Liyladenu" - Our Children's Horizon - Israel National Association of Parents of Visually Impaired Children
Reuven Nisser
Sharon Greenberg, Internet Technologies Director
Israel Internet Association
Nava Gilad, Task Group Manager
Israel Internet Association
Shaula Haitner, Board Member
Israel Internet Association
Gila Gertel-Hasson , Coordinator of the Web Accessibility Task Group
Bizchut, The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities
Tirza Leibowitz, Adv., in charge of the implementation of the Equal Rights Law
The Open University
Batsheva Engelberg, Manager of the Open University site
Israel Local Authorities Data Processing Center
Roni Sofer, Internet Development Manager
The Israeli Society of Occupational Therapy
Sigal Vaks, Site Manager
Yad Vashem
Michael Lieber, IS Systems Manager
The Israel Museum
Suzan Hazan, Multimedia Curator
The Center for Educational Technology
Ofra Razal, Special Needs Students' Manager
Maya Shorek, Development
Orit Almog
Microsoft Israel
Shailee Spiegelman, Community Relations Manager
Microsoft Israel
Shmuel Yair, Localization Manager
The Karten Institute
Iris Adeto Biran, Professional Coordinator
Michal Emanuel
The Karten Institute
Roni Herzog
Tel Hai Academic College
Rachel Tamir, Assistive Technology Manager, Support Center, Tel Hai Academic College, Leshem
M.I.L.B.A.T. - The Israel Center for Technology and Accessibility
Hava Scheller
Ministry of Education
Michal Darel, National Coordinator - integrating e-learning in special education
Tali Ilani, ShemaNet
Ministry of Communications
Rafael Hoyda, Deputy Chief Scientist
Liora Yardeni, Marketing Director
Access Israel
Yuval Wagner, Chairman
Commission for Equal Rights of People withDisabilities, Ministry of Justice
Dr. Dina Feldman, the commissioner for equal rights of people with disabilities
Commission for Equal Rights of People withDisabilities, Ministry of Justice
Architect Shmuel Haimowitz, National Coordinator/Commissioner of accessibility for the disabled
Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web Based Learning.
Accessibility for the Handicapped
Dror Oberman, CEO
ALEH--Learning Center for the Blind, Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem
Dr. Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty
Leshem - the Association for the promotion of higher education for students with learning disabilities
Guy Finklestein, CEO
Let's Talk -
Development and marketing software for people with disabilities
Yariv Zaribi, Customer Relations Manager
Academic Priority
Dr. Nir Dagan
Lisa Seeman, Deputy CEO Development
Yael Kurtz
Dr. Yaakov Grinspan, CEO
W3C Israel
Prof. Michel Bercovia
Gidi Aharonowitz
Dr. Yuval Rabinowitz
Motty Azrad
Shai Ophir